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Syinix Launches Kenya’s 1st Android TV

Electronics company, Syinix has officially launched a new range of Android TVs in Kenya – marking the first time this kind of technology has entered the local market. Dubbed the Syinix A20 series, these TVs come as 32”, 43”, 50” and 55” screens with prices relative to the sizing.

The A20 TVs are Syinix’s first truly frameless screens with a screen to body ratio of 96%. Syinix says that this range offers breathtaking quality with the HDR (High Dynamic Range) advanced image processing technology, that can let users see richer and more realistic colours. The other goal of the HDR is to maintain as much of the original image quality as possible, all the way through to the living room.

The new Android TVs are also compatible with Google Assistant, which means users can quickly find and play their favourite shows, get answers and control their home.

The bluetooth-enabled TV can allow users to connect external speakers to get better sound. The A20 series also comes with a built-in Chrome cast which means the TV allows users to stream music, sports, games and more directly from their mobile device.

Syinix has announced that it will offer 12+12 warranty on new Syinix Android TV and within those 2 years, the customers will receive free repair service from Carlcare.

The aim is to ensure that there is interaction with customers in order to answer questions, resolve support issues, improve credibility and build stronger relationships with the clients.

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