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3 New Features Being Tested by WhatsApp that Could Come to Your Phone Soon

WhatsApp is reportedly testing a series of new features with the latest batch of beta updates for both iOS and Android smartphones. One of the most interesting of these new features is multi-device login support.

  1. Multiple logins for various devices

Possibly transforming the way we use WhatsApp, a multiple login feature is currently being tested within the beta version of the highly popular messaging app. No longer will users need to log out when switching devices, instead this feature it bent on streamlining the whole process.

Gadgets Africa reports that at the moment, you can only have one mobile device signed-in to WhatsApp. The only other devices you can add are a further PC, Mac or use web browsers. You can swap between these but, only one can be logged-in at a time.

WABetaInfo has found that multiple logins are being tested with up to four devices logged in simultaneously.

2. Search by date

WhatsApp is also testing a feature that will allow users to search for specific messages and chats by date. This can be done while sifting through already-existing conversations and group chats.

This feature will make it much easier to find date-specific messages and images. WhatsApp is also working on a way to allow users to search right on the web as well.

3. Storage usage feature

This new feature will allow users to view how much storage saved media occupies on your smartphone.

If you’re the kind of a person that’s in several group chats where images are being shared constantly, this feature will come in handy to clean through your files. Especially if a way to curate the media saved via WhatsApp.

Yet to be added, of course, is a long-requested edit feature.

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